The Innocent

EFT and the 8 Money Archetypes

By Alina Frank, EFTU and Matrix Reimprinting Trainer, EFT CERT-I

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The Innocent Money Archetype

In this next installment of the money archetypes we look at the Innocent. Have you experienced some life conditions such as disability or not enough education that you have a challenge making ends meet? Are you in debt? Have less than a few month's worth of living expenses in savings? Do you dread the idea of writing down your expenses, balancing your checkbook, or paying bills? Have you ever received a lump sum of some serious money and have nothing to show for it? Then you are likely an Innocent.

I have known quite a few Innocents in my social circles throughout my life and they all seem so carefree. Their motto is, "Life is too short to worry about money and that's not my focus. It'll just take care of itself". The problem is that what lies beneath the surface of this laissez-faire attitude is commonly avoidance. When it comes to money, Innocents believe themselves to be incompetent and inept. They have just never had a self image of being incredibly successful. On a subconscious level many believe that they don't have the skills to manifest more material wealth. They are more likely than other archetypes to get into multilevel marketing or play the lottery. They are after a quick fix especially when their situation is dire. There are also those that become Innocents as a form of rebellion especially if they were raised by financially successful parents who were abusive or unloving.

A common psychological reversal is that Innocents receive attention from playing the role of the victim since their life circumstances are really unfortunate. I also see Innocents in my practice that have become dependent in less than ideal romantic relationships simply because they haven't been able to deal with their own insecurities around financial security.

The early memories you have of your family's financial struggles are very key issues to focus your tapping on. Along with vanishing your old demons another area to tap on is the fear associated with taking a clear look.

KC: Even though I am really scared to take a good hard look at my financial situation, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I have never been good with money and it feels so difficult and elusive to attain and keep, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I don't see a connection yet between my attitude and my bank account and so part of me would rather ignore the whole thing, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Head:I feel I've got to be a shifty character to be wealthy

Third Eye: I feel like it's either that or get really lucky

Eyebrow: The idea of learning to save, and spend responsibility makes me sick to my stomach

Side Eye: I don't believe I have what it takes to be successful

Under Eye: it's eluded me like it eluded my family of origin

Under Nose: I don't want to spent time focusing on money

Chin: I am scared to look at my finances

Collarbone: I don't want to see how I may be contributing to my own issues

Underarm: What if knowledge is power?

Top of Head: What if it's not as bad as I think it is?

3rd Eye: What if I honored the part of me that wants to feel more capable around $?

Eyebrow: I know plenty of people who are successful and they didn't inherit it or win the lottery

Side of Eye: Just because my parents weren't good with money doesn't mean I can't be

Under Nose: What if this is really a learned skill?

Chin Point: My life will feel more stable as a result of this work

Collarbone: My life doesn't revolve around money but money is important in life

Underarm: If I feel better about money in general it could lead to all kinds of success

Top of Head: in many areas of my life

Continue to tap on these fears especially when you sit down to actually take a look at your financial picture through your statements, accounts, what you owe. Money managing is an acquired skill that is not innate and it's likely you weren't taught how to do it if you had parents with similar money problems. Once you clear childhood memories of struggle, past debacles, and your fear about enlightening yourself about what your current situation is really like, you'll be able to take solid action. Some suggested action steps include saving even a small % of income each month, plan to go back to school or get more training in your desired field, and inform yourself of how to invest either through a class or by working with a professional.


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