The Star

EFT and the 8 Money Archetypes

By Alina Frank, EFTU and Matrix Reimprinting Trainer, EFT CERT-I

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The Star Archetype

Americans live in a culture that idealizes the new, the hip, the latest and greatest. If you feel drawn on a regular basis to spend money on living or looking like a rock star then the Star Archetype could the unconscious force behind your purchases. Here are some other indicators:

1) You spend more than 25% of your income on enhancing your image. This could include obvious things like clothing, hair, accessories, stylish cars, or new fangled gadgets as well as items that aren't as apparent such as art work, furniture, or changing your investments regularly to stay on top of trends.

2) You find intense pleasure, however fleeting, in being the first on your block or among your friends to get ____. (fill in the blank)

3) You believe that buying things that make you feel glamorous, fashionable, or hip and cool have the ability to make you happy.

4) You spend too much time shopping or thinking of shopping for those things mentioned above

The Star showed up in my own life when I was a teenager. Being a student in a very well-to-do high school placed an extreme amount of pressure on me to fit in and I very happily spent a lot of my parents' money filling that desire. I felt so strongly that having the right car, the right clothes, and the right look was the key to happiness. I am certain that this archetype lives in the vast majority of teens today and luckily most outgrow it. When I hit a spiritual crisis later in my life, those "things" couldn't fill my deep yearning for connection with something larger and more meaningful and this archetype shattered as quickly as it surfaced.

Interestingly enough, I see the Star in my clients when they feel that they need more money, not when they feel their spending habits are a problem. Feeding an endless cycle of the "wanting mind" never leads to happiness and in fact can lead to all sorts of problems including debt and relationship issues. Only after removing layers of surface issues and challenges do they find the hidden depth and extent of their insatiable hunger for more. They'll end up with an awareness that it's the happiness, peace, and freedom they want most, not the things they represent. Along with a growing body of research in the area of consumerism, is British psychologist Oliver James' findings that make a clear connection between excessive spending and mental health challenges. I guess the Beatles said it best, "Money can't buy me love".At the heart of the Star is often a lonely person with little self esteem who is just plain sad.

Behavioral economists have conducted studies to determine what our purchasing habits are and when they can be the most irrational. It turns out that when we are experiencing sadness (even on a subconscious level as measured by brain patterning) we are likely to spend 4,5,6, and beyond 10 times as much for items when know rationally that they are worth a lot less! Using EFT to address these feelings will leave the Star feeling safer and more secure than any purchase he/she can ever make.

KC: Even though I really need to spend on things that make me look good and I am afraid I can't curb this want, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I am afraid that my spending habits are causing harm, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though there is a part of me that I can't ever really appease with my purchases, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Head: I feel like I am nothing without my looks, clothing, stuff

Third Eye: that's who I am

Eyebrow: and that's what I think people like about me

Side Eye: I even have proof on a regular basis with all those compliments

Under Eye: I like feeling special because of those things

Under Nose: They make me feel important

Chin: I like the way they make me feel

Collarbone: But does this feeling stay with me or is it only momentary?

Underarm: How do I really feel about my constant desire for more?

Top of Head: It certainly takes up much of my valuable time and energy.

3rd Eye: Could there be a deeper feeling of satisfaction I am seeking?

Eyebrow: What if people really can like me for who I am underneath it all?

Side of Eye: What if I begin to discover who I really am beyond all this stuff

Under Nose: I can start by appreciating who I am and not what I have

Chin Point: I choose to find all those places in my heart

Collarbone: that feel they need those things to feel whole.

Underarm: I choose to begin a new conversation with my desires.

Top of Head: I choose to heal those places that make me feel like I am not enough right now in this moment, and be more conscious about what those emotions want me to buy in order to feel empowered and not ruled by my spending habits.


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