Root Causes - The Black and White TV Method

A gentle approach

By Suzanne Zacharia

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Our body tells our life story, holding onto negative events as an energy disruption. What happens in our past can affect the way we feel or act today. So you can see how events involving fear and helplessness can turn into a phobia.

Tami (not her real name) had come to see me for a fear of giving presentations that was so great she would visibly shake. Within 2 sessions of EFT, Tami was much calmer in these situations, which is wonderful, especially as she has to go to job interviews now that the restaurant where she works may close. The nice thing about EFT treatment is that Tami can self-apply a very quick EFT shortcut whenever she needs to for an instant relaxer.

After such great results, Tami wanted to release root causes of this fear. We started with Tami imagining she was watching a black-and-white TV screen, with a DVD of her life story playing, and the remote control in her hand. She fast-forwarded and rewinded the video until she came to a point in the past which felt relevant to her. This was a time when she was 20 years old and her aunt had slapped her, having judged her wrongly and harshly for something she did not do. We then tapped statements like the following, bringing the event from an 8 to a 2 out of 10 in intensity.

  • "Even though my aunt slapped me, I deeply love and accept myself."
  • "Even though my aunt judged me, ..."
  • "Even though I felt helpless, ..."

Tami was getting very relaxed. She then moved onto an earlier event. This was when she was 14 and had to do a school presentation. We tapped on this using statements like the following.

  • "Even though children can be cruel and say hurtful things, they are probably jealous, or maybe their parents say hurtful things to them and they are only repeating this at school. I love myself anyway, without judgment."
  • "Even though my family  wanted me to succeed so much, they were critical, ..."
  • "Even though I have this presentation feeling and everything it reminds me of, ..."

We also did some inner child EFT work for the 14-year-old. Tami went in intensity from a 10 out of 10 to a 5 to a 3, and then relaxed so much that since I was tapping on her, she went to sleep. I tap on some clients, on the Top of the Head and the Eye points, in a continuous motion for the whole session, whilst they lie down on a massage couch. It is very deeply relaxing.

Tami may not have reached all the root causes, but she has certainly released a lot, hence the sleep. My suspicion is that they are not the deepest root causes, but they are pretty representative of them, and that is good enough for great results. She is looking forward to her interviews!


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