Emotional Healing with Energy Psychology and EFT

By Marwa A., EFT Practitioner

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Don't you just love the sound of the words? Emotional Healing.

If you're here then you're probably in pain, emotionally drained, beat, or even in a total melt-down. Been there, and here's what I learned about emotional healing.

As cliche as this may sound, our suffering is not just a result of what happened to us, or what is going on in our lives, actually it's mainly related to what we tell ourselves about that. What it makes us feel about ourselves. Are we blaming ourselves for it or are we treating ourselves with understanding and kindness? Do we feel like we lost everything and we have nothing to live for, or are we keeping faith and hope in the future? Do we feel that no one understands and appreciates us, and we can't live without other peoples' appreciation, or do we feel that it's enough to have faith in ourselves? Do we feel we're not good enough and that's why what happened happened? Do we feel that we have to save the world but are unable to, or find it very exhausting to, keep running around? Are we overwhelmed with too many things we "should" be doing but are actually not? Are you seeing my point here? There is no right or wrong, these are all things we feel for very good reasons.

But what happens when they don't feel good, when they cause us pain and suffering? Don't we need to change those beliefs and patterns? Of course easier said than done!

Our negative feelings are the offspring of our negative beliefs and sour experience with life, which are in turn the offspring of our past experiences especially when we were children and what we learned from our caregivers or by watching other people and even TV and movies at that age. Often we are not conscious of the long-buried beliefs and memories controlling our reactions and behaviors. They are deeply buried in our sub-conscious minds. As a matter of fact, when we react to current events we're not just reacting to the current event, we are actually reacting to ALL past events our sub-conscious minds relate the current event to! Have you ever noticed how when something happens to you the second time it angers/hurts you more than when it happened the first time? How it enrages you even more when it happens repeatedly? Take that and apply it on everything. Strange, huh? Well, it's called learning. It's what we do to survive. There are a couple of catches to that, but wait, there's also good news here.

We can tap into our sub-conscious minds, discover those linkages, and review them with our grown up wisdom and maturity, and actually change them! How often have you heard the term "inner-child"? It's an over-used\abused term, I give you that. But it actually exists. Those are memories from long ago that left us in agony, frozen, at the time. We didn't know what to do. We just suppressed them and moved on. But they didn't go anywhere. This agony is still somewhere inside us, controlling our behavior, trying to keep us from situations that look similar to the ones that generated this agony. The trick here is that, sometimes by doing so, they cost us a lot and cause us a lot of additional pain. They can create patterns of self-sabotage either by being over-protective or by relating to the familiar pattern of suffering and being attracted to it! Sounds really counter-intuitive, but it actually happens subconsciously, we don't even realize it.

That's what I learned when I was trying to help myself. My experience is, when we solve the inner child problems, the "bigger child" problems sort themselves out. Things that used to bother or hurt you just don't hurt you anymore. They are not touching on a soft-spot anymore. We healed the soft spot. They don't push your buttons, you disabled the buttons. You just stop doing that self-sabotaging behavior, effortlessly, you're not conditioned to do it anymore.

EFT is an energy technique that helps us release these negative energies we've been talking about. Some detective work is required to get to the "right" energy sometimes, but EFT also helps us with that. Those energies tend to present themselves when we learn to listen for them.

A lot of energy techniques are out there. EFT is what makes most sense to me and what I personally benefited from, combined with other tools, but being at the core of the healing process. What I love about it is that it helps you get a lot of insights about yourself and about life while you're helping yourself heal. I have a very analytical mind by nature, I like to understand things and I like to be in-control of healing myself. EFT gives you that.

Wish you peace and healing.

Marwa A.
EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner
Website: http://livebetterfeelbetter.webs.com
FB: https://www.facebook.com/FeelBetterWithEFT/


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