Do I need a practitioner?

By Marwa A., EFT Practitioner

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EFT can be easily learned and applied by anyone. However, in some deeper or more intense issues, having a practitioner, or sometimes a tapping buddy, can help. Often some detective work is required to help us get to the core issues underlying our pain. Other times, we just need the feeling of safety offered by having a caring and supportive soul by our side when addressing tough or painful issues. It helps also when we're feeling overwhelmed or when we feel stuck and need someone who's more experienced to help us through. 

Sometimes working with a tapping-buddy rather than a practitioner can do this for you. A tapping-buddy is a friend you tap with. I've had different tapping buddies at different times. Sometimes we tap a little for me, a little for them in the same session, schedule a session for one of us or the other, or just meet, share our most present issues at the time, and go with the flow and see who needs what at the time. One of us plays the practitioner, leads the other in tapping, the other repeats the tapping statements after the first while the first taps and dedicates her energy to the one playing the client.

I love tapping with my clients as well, I reap benefits all the time. I find that I always attract clients with issues I can relate to, so they too help me heal.

EFT does not require people to be present in the same room, as a matter of fact, some people have reported finding it to be more effective when done remotely. You will have your privacy and you don't have to commute. I also love that this means no boundaries. No matter where you are in the world, you can communicate and tap with anyone else. I have worked with people form USA, Germany, Italy, Canada, Egypt, India, and Guatemala.

With inner-child work, in my personal experience it's difficult to start working on that on your own. It's better to start with a practitioner or a tapping-buddy. It takes quite a shift in perspective to address issues at their core rather than on the surface. This is how you get results that last. Once you've done this long enough, shifted your perspective, you can then do more of that on your own and only have sessions when you need to.

Alone, with a tapping buddy, or with a practitioner, EFT and energy work in general is such an amazing gift, it would be really sad if you deny yourself that gift.

Please drop me a note in the comments section, tell me your comments and questions that cross your mind as you read this.

Wish you peace and healing.


Marwa A.
EFT Practitioner
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Posted May 30, 2012 05:24 PM

I agree Marwa,and thank you for this reminder of the significance of the tapping buddy relationship. It has sometimes reminded me of the playmate relationship, where there's no fixed role, but we take turns in learning, supporting and cooperating alongside each other as children do in the playground. They are exploring their world, and we as tapping buddies have access to our inner worlds where we can safely go with EFT and a trusted companion.


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