EFT for Procrastination

A Tapping script that may be of help to you or your clients

By Thomas Burns, EFT practitoner Aamet level 1&2, Matrix Re-imprinting

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What is Procrastination?

Procrastination, in my view, is one those makey-uppey words to define the fact that we commonly put off the things we know we should do, in order to do things that are easier and more enjoyable.The act of putting things off can be enjoyable in itself as we know that we have shelved our problem by not dealing with it.

If we develop a pattern of consistently putting things off, it affects us pyschologically, in the form of increased stress about all of the undone things. This can feed the cycle, as we may put more and more off, develop an anxiety about our priorities and be unable to choose what to do first. It may affect our self esteem in the sense of not being able to self-identify as a 'do-er'. It may affect our confidence, if we don't believe we can finish the actual task. Delays and the stress that delay causes, can affect our good feelings and those around us.

From an EFT point of view we would see this need to delay a priority, in order to have some short term pleasure or satisfaction, as a form of resistance within the energy system. By Tapping we can look at some core beliefs that may be holding us back and tap on them to release the procrastination pattern.


Core Beliefs Related to Procrastination;

I don't want do it

I'm not able to do it

Thinking about doing it is stressful

It's not easy

It's too difficult

I'm not intelligent enough

I won't be able to do it

I won't be able to do it perfectly

If I succeed, alot will be expected from me

If I'm successful, people will judge me

I'm just too lazy

I just don't care

I couldn't be bothered

I'm not competant enough

I'm not a good organizer

Organizing is not fun

I'm not skilled enough

I'm not good enough

I'm not as good as my sister, mother, partner, boss, co-worker, people in my field, etc...

It's too overwhelming

Even thinking about it is overwhelming

It's not safe if I fail

Failure is not an option

I'm not allowed to fail


These are some beliefs that underpin our procrastination. It makes sense that a belief like 'I'm not skilled enough' would hold us back from even beginning to try something. Also the belief ' I'm not competant enough', if you hold that as true, is enough to spark resistance within your energy system to any given task becasue according to your belief system you are not able to do anything. Perfectionism, the need all times to live as a perfected ideal of yourself, is  common when we procrastinate. If whatever you do has to be perfect, then there is no room for playful trial and error. It can become an energetic block to doing or trying anything unfamiliar. The reasons for putting things off can be as varied as the above list, but the effect is the same, more stress and more anxiety and probably more procrastination!

In this script below I have concocted some playful set-up affirmations and reminder phrases that you can use to identify this pattern within yourself. In EFT, honest identification and acceptance are what we use to dissolve patterns. Notice what feels right and then continue to tap on that aspect of the resistance pattern for you.

This script is designed to allow you to be playful and forgiving. Our patterns of resisting what we know is good for us is both universal and ancient. Set out with the intention of seeing the pattern as you tap along.

Tapping on our Fear of Failure, our lack of worthiness, our need for control and perfection, our fear of judgement can be very helpful in dissolving that pattern of resistance.

Think about your procrastination issue before you Tap this script and then see how you feel about it afterwards. What has shifted? What's not as heavy? How do you feel about taking action now?


EFT Set-up Affirmations ( Tapping the Karate Chop point as you read straight through );

Even though I can never get anything done I choose to deeply and completely love and accept myself....

Even though there is this little child in me that always wants to play, always wants the nice stuff, the easy stuff, that's okay, I choose to forgive myself for that...

Even though it is stressful to even think about all the things I have to do, I choose to forgive myself for always running away...

Even though I know I won't be able to do it, I'm a failure, a closet failure, that's okay, maybe that's only a belief that I carry, maybe it's not really true...

Even though I'm not skilled enough, not competant enough, not organized enough to even bother, it's easier to coast straight through, or do nothing at all, that's okay maybe I can begin to recognize my skills, my competance, I'm not used to seeing myself that way, maybe now is the opportunity....

Even though my (mother, brother,partner, boss etc..) once hinted at me that I might be a Failure, and I replay that memory as a happy excuse not to actually do things, I choose to acknowledge that that is only a memeory and I'm willing to be fully present with this great and grave fear that I'm a failure, I choose to recognise the power of this fear and to see how much it has been holding me back, maybe it's time to see this Fear as Fear and do what I want to do anyway, even if I fail...

Even though if I'm being really honest,'I'm Lazy!', that's right I'm a big bag of lazy bones, lazy lout, lazy to my core, so what?, so what if I'm lazy?, I have this lazy part of me that helps me rest and helps me enjoy myself, I choose to fully accept this very human laziness as part of a full, healthy and whole me....

Even though I have this tendency to confuse thinking with doing, my thinking does my doing, and I think alot about what I'm not doing, what I should do, what I ougt to do, what needs to be done and this thinking seems to accomplish very little, I'm willing to recognise my thinking and my overthinking and I forgive my mind totally for trying to do my doing, thinking is my minds job, doing is my job.....

Even though it all has to be perfect before I can even get out of bed in the morning, perfection or nothing, it must always be right, that's my rule and that's my religion, and it doesn't seem to work very well, nothing is ever perfect, and that's okay, I'm willing to release the need to do it all perfectly, the anxiety that comes with that, maybe I can begin with just do what I'm doing, just start from here with relaxation and ease....

Even though some things are just boring, and I bore easily, tasks are boring and I don't see the value in them, I want them done so I can play, that's okay, maybe I can begin to look at the easy enjoyable side of each task, maybe it's possible for me to take pleasure in being patient, tolerant and persevering....

Even though I'm doing okay, I have this story that I'm not enough, not good enough, not worthy enough, not loveable as I am, and I have this list of things to do to make myself worthy, and I know it doesn't work, maybe I sabotage myself becasue I'm fine as I am here in this moment with nothing to do, wouldn't it be nice to really know that there is nothing I have to do in order to feel better, if I could be happy with where and who I am now, I wonder what my attitiude to action would be, if there was nothing to prove?......


EFT Reminder Phrases ( top of the head down, tapping one sentence per point, pausing to take gentle breaths );

My list

My big long list

Of things to do

Of these things

These undone things

Undoing me

With anxiety and stress

All of this stress

All of these fast thoughts

Racing about getting nothing done

Going nowhere!


And I really couldn't be bothered

I'm not bothered

I don't want to

I don't care

Even when I pretend to

And that's okay

For me to be honest that

I just don't want to do it

It's difficult!

It's not easy!

It's boring!

And I don't do boring!

Maybe it's how I look at it

Maybe I can't see the enjoyment

In each and every special part

Of a task

Maybe it's my story

That things are boring

And that's fine too

If I'll look

I might find

What's enjoyable and special

In each and every part

Of each and every task

It's worth a look


I can't do it

I'm not competent

I just can't

I know it!

I know it so well

That I won't even try

I know that I'm going to fail

That's what they told me

Or hinted at

Or suggested

And it's a great reason

To not try anything new

Maybe I deserve the chance to fail

Or to die trying

How will I ever know

What I can truly do

Unless I give it a go?

I thank my fear for me keeping safe

For holding me here

For keeping me back

And even with my fear

I'm willing to move forward

Even with my belief

That it must be perfect

Maybe I can fail with grace

Maybe failing could be fun

Maybe failing could be like playing

I choose to allow myself

To be free to fail

Free to try

Free either way


All of these talents and skills

Hidden here

Within me

I just know it

I just sense it

All of these hidden gifts

Waiting to be born

Being held back by my fear

My fear of doing

All of these little things

These many little gifts

That make life easier

That make life smoother

Life is for everything

The biggest colourful evets

And the tiniest little actions

Maybe Divine Grace

Is in the tiny things too

And I haven't been looking

I choose now to begin paying attention

To the wonderful full world

In all of my actions

Big, Small and Tiny

I'm ready to begin with purpose

On my long, eventful list......


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Author's Bio:

I'm an EFT practitioner based in Dublin, Ireland. I love what this simple yet flexible and innovative therapy can do for changeing limited beliefs and working on stressful thoughts.

I work one on one, in groups, over the phone and through Skype. I can be contacted through the email above or through Skype and Facebook, for which my username is Tomstapping.




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Thankyou so much for this; I value all you do and share very much

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