Asking Questions with EFT to Resolve Issues

Questions Are Magical

By Jeanne Ranger

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Einstein said: “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”


Questions Are Magical!

 So it makes perfect sense if we are to resolve our issues or problems we must first have the willingness to look at them differently, then the willingness to look at what we can do differently to resolve them.  This generally will create different results, and will keep us moving forward in our life.

How do you do that? By asking questions! When you ask questions, you actually start to see things differently. You begin to notice the areas or places where you have a limited point of view and where you have an expansive point of view. Your willingness to ask questions will allow you to see people, issues/problems, and the world, with a new perspective, with new eyes, and a new attitude. The result is that you'll begin to generate something totally different for yourself in your life. This may mean changing your mind about something, changing an old belief or thought, looking at things differently than you have in the past. It may mean reacting differently, or NOT reacting the same way you've always done before.

How do we get there? By asking questions and focusing on the feelings that come up. For example, you may have been given an unexpectedly nasty diagnosis by your physician, you feel really bad, and think it’s unfair, “why me?” And you fret, rant and rave about it. Obviously you feel very badly about it. Now if you do nothing about those feelings except to continue to fret, rant and rave about them, it will make your condition worse because that would be dealing with the problem with the same level of consciousness that created it in the first place and vibrating from that level.

What if you instead deal with all those feelings of anger, helplessness and unfairness, etc. by asking some questions like:

How do you feel about your body having this problem/pain? Focus on the feelings you have ABOUT your body having this diagnosis/problem/pain. If you can't get in touch with the feeling, it’s usually because you're so accustomed to it you don't notice it much anymore. But be persistent, stay with it and as you ask the questions go inside and really look, feel and listen to what your body and or your subconscious is telling you:

Where do you feel that pain/feeling in your body?

You might even ask, Body, what do you want right now?

When you close your eye and look inside where the pain/feeling is, what do you see there?

How do you feel about your body having this pain/feeling?

How intense is the feeling on a scale of 1-10

Is there a color, a texture to this pain/feeling?

How big is it? What size is it? (Not logically of course, there is no logic to pain or emotions)

How does it serve you to be limited in this way?

If you had life to live over again, what person or event would you prefer to skip?

What are you most angry about?

What needs are you getting met by having this illness/problem?

What would be the downside of getting over this illness/problem?

What would be the down side of that?

What’s stopping you from falling asleep?

What do you think your body is trying to tell you through this illness/problem?

What would it be like to have none of your symptoms?

What benefits are you getting from this illness/problem?

What would you have to give up if your problem went away?

What would change in your relationship w/o this illness/problem?

What might someone else feel about the pain if they had your pain?

If there was an emotional contributor to that symptom/pain what could it be? (This is Gary Craig’s favorite question and he’s the founder of EFT.)


 No matter what comes to your mind as you ask any of these questions, make a mental note of them, or better yet write them down because THAT’S WHAT YOU TAP ON!

We tell our workshop participants that one might get lucky if one focuses just on the pain instead of the emotional feeling that may be causing the pain, but that for many people the pain and the emotional cause are disconnected in their awareness. So, tapping while focused on just the pain only gives occasional or partial relief. “What you resist, usually persist.”

The best form of healing is to remove what’s stopping the body from healing itself and give it access to its own healing. So the goal is not to resist, but rather to get in touch with and tap on the anger, helplessness and unfairness about that diagnosis or pain and allow yourself to feel those feelings fully. Once you accept that those feelings really are yours and you work and tap them away, this will completely change your vibration and that alone can and has in many cases reversed the entire issue.

For those of us who have spent our whole lives repressing or running away from our anger and anxiety, this can be a long learning process. We may require outside help, as I did. But it is essential to go through this process if we want to learn how to free up the flow of our body’s healing energy and regain our health and well-being.

More possible questions, many of which I’ve come up with and others I came across from several sources in my EFT research, that can be used:

Is That True?

Are you sure that’s true?

Who would you be w/o this problem?

Who are you most angry at?

Why might you deserve this illness?

Would you be disoriented in any way w/o this problem?

Is there any other area, situation, or circumstance in your life that might prevent you from continuing with this treatment? 

Is there anything else I need to know to help you make this treatment stick? 

Is there anything going on that you feel too embarrassed to talk about that may affect your success? 

What can I change about myself so I like myself more?

Why do I feel good about myself?

What can I do to make myself more successful?

What powerful questions can I ask myself to change my life for the better? 

What’s good, perfect, and correct about this?

What’s wrong, mean, vicious, terrible, bad, and awful about this?

What’s meaningful about this?

What can I be, do or have to change this situation for the better?

What can I be, do or have, create, or generate today and in the future for things to be better?

What else is possible here?

How would I rather feel?

How can I make this better?


Sometimes people will take on viewpoints that don’t belong to them, but because the person it belongs to is very close to them, like a parent, a spouse, a relative, they take on that point of view as if it were their own thought or belief. When we are children we do this automatically, we don’t yet have the cognitive ability to realize what’s happening. When we become adults, it feels like we’ve always thought, or believed, or had that viewpoint, and we try to solve it.

You can’t solve a problem that isn’t yours to begin with. It’s not your problem. It will never be your problem. But how do you know if this problem is or isn’t your problem? You ASK your body/subconscious mind:

Who does this belong to? If it isn’t yours, you immediately feel lighter in your body/mind.

Do I really believe this?

Is this my own point of view?

Does this belong to me?

Is this mine or someone else’s? If it isn’t yours, you immediately feel lighter in your body/mind.

How did I create this?

Did I take it on as mine when it wasn’t? 


When you ask these questions, you’ll start seeing things differently. It may take a while for you to realize where the thought/belief or point of view came from but it isn’t necessary for you to know where it came from for changes to begin to take place.

Caution! Occasionally someone gets hurt, physically or emotionally. They tell us something that happened to them that they feel very badly about, and suddenly we ‘feel their pain’. We cannot feel someone else’s pain. Who does it belong to?

What happens is that we feel the projection of the pain we imagine them to be suffering as we put ourselves in their place. It’s our experience of our own imagination of their pain we are feeling. Leave it. It doesn’t belong to you. You don’t need to take on their pain if you choose to help them. It isn’t yours so leave it!

Questions are magical! And the most important thing to realize is that we have within ourselves all the answers to all our questions. Sometimes we don’t acknowledge an answer because it’s not the one we want at the moment. Sometimes we simply cannot access the answers right away, but they are there just the same, and waiting to be discovered. Once these answers are discovered and acknowledged, we can never go back to the way things were because our vibration has changed and automatically begin to manifest in our lives.



Love and light on your path,

Jeanne “J.R.” Ranger, EFT-Adv.Practitioner


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Author's Bio:

My EFT Journey

I was introduced to EFT by a dear friend who thought it might be beneficial to me since he knew about my traumatic early background. I took a look, it seemed too good to be true, but decided to give it a try on a small thing like a headache. Headache was gone almost instantly. I tried it on other small things. Success again, and again!

I began to read about it, study it, and research it. Soon I immersed myself in it. EFT became my life. Eventually I took the courses to make EFT my life’s work. I became a Practitioner, then an Advanced Practitioner, all the while continuously working with EFT on myself and clients. EFT was unlike anything I had tried before. It clears out emotional debris, heals pain, and physical ailments. It became my passion.

I have a business background, and experienced much success in my life. I was always interested in psychology, and counseling. I spent a fortune on therapy. I took several college level courses on psychology and counseling, became an Ordained Minister, Certified Hypnotist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Professional Coach and Meridian Laser Techniques. I enjoy counseling adults and children through my various activities, private sessions, and workshops, to give everyone an opportunity to experience the excellent results EFT can deliver so quickly.

EFT is not connected with any religion; it is a very spiritual experience. Most people leave a session or workshop with feelings of peace and joy. EFT brings out the natural tendency of people to see beauty in themselves, and in others. Quite a benefit!


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