The Incredible Benefits of Using EFT to Lose Weight Naturally

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By Phillip and Jane Mountrose, EFT Experts, published authors and trainers since 1998

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Are you looking for a way to lose weight naturally? The Emotional Freedom Techniques, when combined with a balanced approach to eating, has helped a great number of people worldwide to achieve their ideal weight. More and more people fondly call EFT tapping miraculous.

EFT Tapping clears  negative feelings that block your path to contentment and success. These emotions may come in a myriad forms, like frustration, stress, anger, fear, and many other negative states.

EFT is quick and simple to understand. It is a process of tapping on particular points in the body, and users often get relief within a matter of minutes. Add to it a holistic diet plan and you have an awesome natural weight loss formula.

Taking a Closer Look at Diets

When asked what stimulates their desire to eat, those with weight problems generally say they eat to satisfy emotional needs. Listed below are some common motives:

* Lower stress.
* Have a treat.
* Mask loneliness.
* Overcome boredom.
* Alleviate pain.

Do you realize that more than two out of every three Americans have weight problems? And half of these people are greatly overweight. Needless to say, almost all Americans are concerned about their weight. And most of these people say the same thing: diets simply don’t help.

Many traditional diets have these common components:

1. Food consumption is reduced, frequently quite severely.

2. The types of food allowed are limited, which leads to cravings.

So what’s the problem with this solution to weight loss?

The trouble with many of these diets is that they only address the symptoms and not the causes. You must address the main causes to successfully attain your desired weight. This is the part where EFT comes in.

The Roots of Overeating

To begin, most diets don't have these essential elements:

1. Instructions on holistic lifestyle improvements necessary for long term success.

2. Handling the emotional, mental, and spiritual factors of weight issues.

As an alternative to standard diets, with EFT and a natural weight loss formula, you can approach weight loss with balance and ease. It doesn’t merely address what’s happening physically. It handles every level -- body, emotions, mind, and spirit.

With EFT and a successful plan, you can learn to address your needs on all levels and treat your body well. This will make it possible for you to transfer the objective of eating to sustaining the body, rather than attempting to appease the feelings and mind.

When you eat to placate emotions, the body suffers the consequences. The body is forced to absorb quantities and varieties of food that, ultimately, cause physical distress and a foggy mind. The result: a weight increase. And the emotional issues remain.

A Holistic Diet Plan with EFT

Only a small portion of those who approach weight management by dealing solely with symptoms maintain their goal weight over a long period of time. Most of them end up feeling disappointed and may even wind up with more weight than before the diet.

No one wants to join this "disappointment club". And you have another option. With a holistic EFT weight loss formula, you can shed excess pounds without suffering. The best part is that you are not limited to using EFT to achieve your weight goals. This approach also opens the way for you to raise an elevated sense of wellness!

With the miraculous Natural EFT Weight Loss Formula, your dreams of attaining your weight goals are within reach. EFT tapping is really a modern-day miracle!


Author's Bio:

Phillip and Jane Mountrose are veteran EFT experts, authors and trainers who teach people how to tap into the heart and soul of success with EFT to improve virtually every area of their lives. You can find out more about their work with EFT at http://gettingthru.org.

EFT Training and Certification

If you want to help others with the Emotional Freedom Techniqes, go to http://gettingthru.org/aceft.htm to learn how you can receive EFT Home Study Training and Certification.


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