Using Future Matrix Reimprinting to Help Realize Her Dream

By ilana Weiler

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Abigail is a woman I admire. During a journey we made together a few years ago I had so much joy and inspiration working with her, that when she came today to begin another set of meetings-my heart danced.

I think any therapist reading this article now-can recall such a client and know what I mean...

Her issue today had to do with making some changes in her career. Abigail is a therapist herself, a creative loving wise and exceptional one and she now feels ready to realize some of her dreams.

She wanted to release some of her inner obstacles to achieving this goal.

I offered a Future Matrix Reimprinting-a process I love using with clients that wish to work on realization of their dreams.

I asked her to think about the near future in context of her dream and see what comes up.

"I see how difficult it is for me to inform my clients about this change I want to make. It feels uncomfortable... I feel tied to them how can I do that?"

"See a picture. A situation that will represent this"

I see myself sitting on a couch at home thinking about it…"

I offered her to frame this picture-something I find very helpful in doing this process. See what she is wearing.

She is wearing some comfortable "house" clothes...

OK. Now see yourself as you are now, at this present moment, stepping in the picture holding the hand of this future Abigail. Make sure she is willing to get your help,, and ask her how is she feeling now.

"She feels tension. In her shoulders, her knees... "

And why is that?

Because she feels bound by her clients.,"

I instructed her to imagine she taps on herself in this future picture while I am tapping on her.

"Even though you feel all this tension in your shoulders and knees, I want you to know that I love and accept you"

Even though you feel bound by your clients and that brings tension to your shoulders and knees-I want you to know--------------(an open sentence I asked her to complete) that I love and respect you for who you are"

We tapped all points mentioning this tension... in shoulders knees... this tension... etc.

"and that tension feels like?__________

It feels like a casting of cement.

Tapping the KC-Even though you feel this tension, like a casting of cement in your shoulders, I love and accept you, I respect you and support you"

Another round of tapping-this tension... like cement... grey like cement... in your shoulders,

Take a deep breath now... Hold her hand again and ask her how she is feeling now

"She feels lighter, her shoulders are soft, more relaxed, but now there is anger coming.

KC-"Even though you feel anger now-it's Ok I love and accept you"

One round of tapping on the anger.

"Who is she angry at? What about?

"maybe she is angry at herself, for wanting to please them, for thinking that whatever she chooses- it will not be accepted and supported.

I instructed Abigail to hold her future self's hand and ask her could she recall a past situation where she felt similar.

I continuously tapped her while she had many pictures running in her mind till  one became clear.

Say goodbye to this image of your future self, tell her that you will be back with her... and now let's go to the past... to this new event that showed up. How old are you there?"

15y old

Hold her hand, make sure she feels comfortable with you, the present Abigail, coming to help her. Hold her hand, what is she feeling in this event?

"She is feeling helpless and confused... no matter what decision she makes-they will not approve it"

I am tapping on you now and you will tap your past self-this 15 y old Abigail.

KC-Even though you feel helpless now, because no matter what choice you make they will not approve it, I want you to know that I love you, that everything is going to be fine, you are safe"

One round of tapping, repeating the reminder phrase-feeling helpless... no matter choice I make…confused... etc.

Deep breath. Hold her hand again, what is she feeling now?

There's fear coming up now.


Because she might disappoint them.

"and then what might happen?

They might not love her...

I asked Abigail to hold this young girl's hand and ask her if she can recall a past situation where she felt the same?

Oh yes!! I can see a situation, I was 6 years old,

We repeated the process, of framing that picture...separating from the 15 y old self... and going to meet this 6 y old girl.

Holding her hand getting her permission to tap on her and asking her how is she feeling in this situation?

"she feels shame... in her eyes, her face and neck, her shins, all her body parts that were exposed..."

KC-Even though you are feeling that shame now in all those parts, I want you to know that you are wonderful, just the way you are. That I love and accept you, that you are safe"

Tapping all points, repeating that phrase-shame, all this shame, in your eyes, face shins…

"and how does this shame feel like?"


This poking shame... in your eyes, face, shins, etc...

After a few rounds of tapping Abigail saw herself holding the hand of little Abigail, asking her why is she feeling ashamed? How is it connected to the fear of disappointing?

She doesn't want to be on stage in this Jewish community center Hanukkah performance, she just doesn't want to be there... but she has to. Because her parents want her to participate... she is afraid she will disappoint them..."

And how does she know that?

They keep telling her to do that, that it's OK, she will love it... be like all the other kids... its fun...

While tapping on her I asked her to allow this little girl to say what she really wants, freely and safely:

I don't want to be here, on stage, it embarrasses me, I am ashamed to stand here in front of everyone, but you want me to be like everybody else...you keep telling me that it's OK, but it's not,, You want me to do that because you want to feel like everyone else, you want to be proud of your daughter,, but I don't want to…"

Ask her now please-is there any conclusion... decision... that she made now?

Yes... she will be like a garbage can... everyone can throw the emotions they don"t want to feel into her... and she will deal with it... she will please them and allow them to be comfortable with themselves..."

We kept tapping on the little girl till she felt calmer.

Say goodbye to her, tell her that you are not leaving her alone, she is coming with you...

Little Abigail felt safe.

We parted from her and came back to the future Abigail, that we left earlier, sitting on her couch at home, wearing her "house clothes"

This part of Abigail was smiling and laughingfelt relaxed, calm and understanding herself better, more in peace with herself and her decision to progress with her plans.

I asked her to hold her hand again and ask her how would she choose to feel now that she wants to tell her clients about bringing to a closure their therapy since she is  making a change and allowing her new plans and dream

She wants to feel flexible, able to be clear, in agreement with her desire, being able to look straight in their eyes and be able to accept whatever feelings they have, knowing there is enough time for adjustment... for completing a process, maybe referring them to other therapists. she sees them with love and gratitude for all they enabled, and it is okay any emotion that comes up for them.

And now ask this Abigail if she has an idea, what will allow her and support her feeling exactly the way she wants?'

Abigail burst in laughter, she was shining...

Yes... she sees little Abigail on stage, looking straight forward tearing off her cardboard egg costume standing erect, looking straight into the eyes of the audience, smiling from ear to ear, and getting off stage skipping, not running away,, doing it calmly and safely not looking for anyone to run to once she is off stage, since she feels content and good with herself, she did what she wanted.. Feeling tingling in her shins, her ankles... her face... joyful...and that image strengths her choice... feeling aligned with her needs...

Her face was shining. Her eyes were sparkling... her body felt relaxed and vibrant.

To end the process I held her forehead and back of head asking her is she willing to release this decision of the little girl to be "the garbage can" for other people's feelings?


It was such a beautiful journey, so powerful and uplifting for both of us as I know that Abigail is so in touch with her feelings and inner conversations, we were dealing with very subtle emotions, that the feeling of victory was a pure joy!!

I want to use this stage to express my feelings of gratitude to Gary Craig, to Karl Dawson and to Sasha Allenby.

Two months later-Abigail is shinning with joy. She has made those changes, taking a trip to the USA to take a very special and unique workshop and feels surprised by herself-for being open to the idea that she can do anything she chooses, even things she has never imagined she would choose to do, because she feels so empowered and trusting of who she is, she can actually do anything she feels like,

Ilana Weiler


Author's Bio:

My name is Ilana Weiler.

I have been using and taeching EFT for the last 10 yeras with graet joy and passion.

Inner Child work is one of my beloved issues to work with, combining a variety of techniques, some of them are techniques I have developed throughout years.

Allergies is another field I use a technique I developed, which leads to a great success in relatively a short time.

My main qualities are love to people, creativity, compassion and intuition with a rich experience.

Phone sessions are an easy, intimate option to work with my clients from around the globe.

i am so grateful for this work, that brings out the best out of me and inspires me on and on.. and on..




Posted December 26, 2012 01:42 PM

Dear Ilana
Thank u for sharing with us this kind of work.
This is a great inspiration for me.
Wish u the best dear
Shulamit Lev arie - Israel


Posted February 11, 2013 04:29 AM

Great summary of a MR session, I especially appreciate that Ilana go straight to the key issues and she is being able to condense all the magic she lived. Great session but much better report. Thank you for sharing this treasure.


Posted February 12, 2013 10:08 AM

Dear Susan
Thank you for your warm and supporting comment.
I am happy it feels like a treasure!


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