Is Your Energy System Blocked?

Why you may not be experiencing success with EFT.

By Kathy Atkinson

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I was watching Gary Craig's video's on Serious Diseases. On one of the video's, Gary offered an interesting tip about blocked energy that I had not given much consideration since I am not a big jewelry person.

On the video, Gary was working with a participant wearing a lot of jewelry. Gary suggested that if you are not experiencing success with EFT perhaps you should look at what you are wearing in the way of jewelry.

Just about anything you wear, ingest, inhale or come into close proximity to can block your energy if you are energetically out of alignment with the substance. This explains why some people can take a specific medication and experience a positive benefit and someone else can have a serious allergic reaction.

If you are not experiencing success with EFT, play detective and see if you can identify anything that might be blocking your energy system. Take a look at what you are wearing, what you are breathing in or what you are putting on your body. Take a look at your environment and see if there are places that leave you feeling energized and other areas that drain your energy. Personally, I do not go to shopping malls very often because I find the energy in them very disruptive to my energy system.

Most people experience substance sensitivities to varying degrees. You can even be out of energetic alignment with the people with which you interact. Take a moment and see if you can remember a time when you felt uncomfortable around someone without knowing why.

Once you know what might be blocking your energy system, you have a few choices. You can eliminate substances from your diet or home. You can stay away from places and environments that block your energy. Or, you can use EFT meridian tapping to balance your energy system.

If you need help identifying what may be blocking your energy, I encourage you to consult with a trained professional.


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Louis Nel
Posted January 30, 2010 02:20 AM

Another energy "sponge" seems to be pure leather products, ie shoes, belts, etc


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