When Tapping Focus on the Feelings

Not Just the Outer Circumstances

By Wendy Betterini

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I've said before that tapping is one of the most powerful and effective tools I've ever used, and it continues to amaze me day after day. However, now and then it doesn't seem to work on a particular issue. I've mentioned "aspects" before, and that's an important thing to keep in mind as you clear various problems.

But there's another valuable insight I want to share with you today, and that is the importance of centering your tapping sessions around FEELINGS.

A lot of people use tapping in an outward-directed way by focusing on situations and events. That's not a bad thing altogether because sometimes focusing on the situations and events can stir up related feelings and clear them as you tap.

However, I started seeing tremendous progress with tapping when I started focusing almost exclusively on my FEELINGS, rather than the outward conditions I want to correct.

There are two types of feelings I've found tapping to be incredibly helpful for:

1) Emotions.

Focusing on how you feel emotionally about a situation or event can make a huge difference in the relief that you feel from tapping. So, for example, rather than focusing on how stubborn your boss is, you would focus on how you FEEL about your boss being so stubborn. That may seem like a slight difference but it's very powerful.

Outward-directed tapping might look like this: "Even though my boss is really stubborn . . . even though he can be such a jerk . . . even though I want him to be more flexible . . ."

Feelings-related tapping would look more like this: "Even though it makes me feel so frustrated that my boss is so stubborn . . . even though I get so stressed when he's inflexible . . . even though I'm so tired of dealing with his attitude . . ."

See the difference? Rather than focusing on the outer problem, you focus on how the outer problem makes you FEEL. This really helps you zone in on the energy disruption in your body, which is tied in to emotions.

2) Physical sensations.

It's also helpful to determine whether an outer situation is being felt in your body, and focus on those physical sensations while you tap. With the stubborn boss example, you would think about your frustration with your boss, and pay attention to your body. Do you feel any tightness in your shoulders, nausea, shallow breathing, heaviness in your chest?

As you tap, you can incorporate these physical sensations into your language: "Even though my stomach churns when he gets like that . . . even though I feel so keyed up and tense by his stubborn attitude . . . even though my body feels awful while I'm at work . . ."

Believe it or not, focusing on the emotions and physical sensations is also very effective on physical symtoms!

Let's say you're tapping for a sore, stiff knee. Ask yourself if there are any emotions that might be tied to it. Have you been feeling angry or unappreciated lately? Did a friend say something upsetting? Are you feeling a lack of support from someone in your life? Have you been stressed or overwhelmed? Feeling run down?

Make a note of any emotions that you think might be related to the sore knee, and tap on them. This works even if you aren't sure how they might be related! If it pops into your mind, write it down and tap on it. You won't cause any problems by tapping on it, whether it's actually related or not.

Also, be sure to tap on the physical sensations that are related to the sore knee. Instead of tapping on "sore knee, sore knee, sore knee," you can expand on that by focusing on, "this stiffness, this discomfort, it feels tight inside, it feels really uncomfortable and stiff". Describing the physical sensations can help you clear the symptoms much faster.


Author's Bio:

Wendy Betterini has been teaching and writing about many aspects of personal and spiritual development, such as positive thinking, affirmations, visualization, meditation, and Law of Attraction principles for more than 15 years.

Her tapping audios help you to release limiting beliefs, fear, self-doubt, and develop the confidence and inspiration to achieve your goals quickly and easily.

Download her FREE tapping audio, "What's Going Right?" here: http://www.tappingaudio.com/whats-going-right.html



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Posted November 25, 2018 10:23 PM

Awsome and important, thank you


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