Self-Love in Small Steps

By Suzanne Zacharia

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In classical EFT, tappers often use the Setup statement of “Even though I have this [problem], I deeply love myself”. Some tappers cannot say “I deeply love myself” or even “I love myself”. This is a sign that self-love can do with a boost.

And you may wonder why anyone should worry about boosting self-love. Surely if saying “I love myself” is challenging, we can say “I respect myself” instead. Or we can choose a different type of EFT that does not mention the L-word at all. Yes, that is true. However, by working on self-love, we release a great deal of blocks in our path to calm, health, and success. Self-love blocks are a big component of lack of confidence and low self-esteem. And when your confidence and self-esteem are at a good level, you feel better in every way.

Let me show you a simple introduction to self-love. Put both hands on your heart chakra, close your eyes, and breathe deeply and calmly through your nose as you think of a person or animal that you love and who loves you back. This could be a parent, friend, sibling, partner, dog, cat, anyone who you care about and cares about you. Now think about what you love, respect, and enjoy in this person (or animal, animals are people too). Notice 3 things that you love about this person. Open your eyes and write them down.

Look at what you have written down as you tap the following statements.
Setup - “I love these 3 things about this person, I respect my feelings and am open to liking myself a little bit more today.” 

Reminder - “I love these 3 things about this person.”

Now substitute the 3 things and the person's name in the above statements. For example, if you love your dog Fido, and you love that he is loyal, funny, and excitable, your statements become as follows.

Setup - “I love that Fido is loyal, funny, and excitable, I respect my feelings and am open to liking myself a little bit more today.”

Reminder - “I love that Fido is loyal, funny, and excitable.” 

Now, let us turn it around. This time, pretend that you are your friend. Imagine that you are your friend, feeling those same loving and caring feelings for you. Tap as follows, pretending that you are your friend tapping on his or her nice feelings for you.

Setup - “I love these 3 things about this person, I respect my feelings and am open to liking myself a little bit more today.”

Reminder - “I love these 3 things about this person.”

And finally, tap the following statement as many times as you can each day. Maybe you can do it morning, noon and night. Or whenever you go to the toilet. Or perhaps in the shower. Basically, make a point of tapping it at regular intervals during the day.

Setup and Reminder In One, tapped only on the Karate Chop for quickness - “Just for today, I am open to loving myself a little bit more, even if I can't, and that's OK”

Tap the last statement every day for 6-8 weeks, and see how you feel!


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Author's Bio:

Suzanne Zacharia wants to live in a world where everyone taps, EFT is the norm, and tapping is taught in every school.

A sought-after EFT Master Practitioner, Trainer, and author, she’s been spotlighted on The EFT Hub, The Tapping Insiders Club, and In and Around Covent Garden.

When she’s not happlily tapping up a storm, you can find her gymming (and tapping), running (and tapping), and enjoying good old-fashioned family time.

Tap your way to increased confidence with simplicity and astonishing ease at http://www.eft-scripts.com/confidence-eft


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