When Will My Phobia Go?

Why Some Issues Just Won't Seem to Budge

By Linda Anderson

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Why do some issues clear very easily in a session or two, whilst others just won’t seem to budge?

Is it that EFT doesn’t work in those cases?

Definitely not!  Remember that persistence is key and don’t give up!

Taking phobias as an example, when a phobia has been set up by a few specific events it can usually be cleared quickly and effectively by working with those memories until the energetic disruptions have been released.  Result:  phobia gone.

In more complex cases, a certain amount of expert detective work may be required to get to the key aspects that are holding the phobia in place.  This is often so in cases of agoraphobia and claustrophobia, where there may be many, many complex layers and aspects to the problem.

In other cases a connection made in the subconscious mind between apparently unrelated events can be the key piece to the puzzle.  This is what had happened with my client Barbara (not her real name) who had a lifelong fear of water. 

We worked together over a period of weeks to clear all the traumatic memories she could find involving water but to no avail.  However, whilst her fear of water was still present, it had changed to become much more specifically about the strong taste of salt water and the rubbery feel of a snorkel mask in her mouth making her gag and panic when her husband had encouraged her to give it a try once. 

We used a bucket of salty water and a snorkel mask as triggers at our next session and after just a few minutes of working with these props we struck gold.  The question ‘What does this feeling remind me of?’ triggered a vivid and highly charged memory of being kept in at playtime as a 5-year old and forced to finish a huge plate of liver and onions while an unsympathetic dinner-lady towered over her.  Now the strong salty taste and rubbery-in-the-mouth aspects of the fear made complete sense!  But who could have made that connection at a logical level with the fear of water? 

Once the energetic disruptions associated with that memory had been cleared with EFT, Barbara’s fear of water disappeared.  She is now a keen snorkeller and no longer has to sit on the boat and watch her family having fun in the water on their annual holiday!  Four years on the results are holding.

So if you’re feeling stuck, keep tapping!  Or seek the assistance of an expert professional who can help you locate the source of your fear or issue.

Happy Tapping!



Author's Bio:

Linda Anderson is an AAMET Advanced Practitioner & Trainer based in Cambridge, UK.  She offers private 1/1 sessions by phone/Skype and runs EFT workshops from basic up to practitioner level.

Linda's specialty is helping clients to let go of self-sabotage, limiting beliefs and anything else stopping them being the very best they can be.  She also has experience in a wide range of other areas.

To book a free 15-minute get-acquainted call to discuss your issues and be sure you feel comfortable working together before committing to sessions, please call +44 1799 531315, email linda@eft-essex.co.uk or visit http://www.eft-essex.co.uk.  




Karen Nauman
Posted May 15, 2010 08:17 AM


What a great article you have posted!

You so elegantly explain in a very easy to read and concise manner how issues can vary from relatively simple to more complex and multi-layered.

Nice job! Thanks for sharing it.


Karen Nauman
EFT Pracitioner EFT Cert-I
Matrix Reimprinting Pracitioner


Linda Anderson
Posted May 15, 2010 06:59 PM

Thanks Karen, I really appreciate your feedback.

Happy tapping!


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