How To Do Surrogate EFT Tapping

By Suzanne Zacharia

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One of the most frequently asked questions in EFT is how to do surrogate EFT. Surrogate EFT is also called proxy EFT, proxy tapping, distant EFT or distant healing by EFT or Tapping. It all means the same thing. The person or animal you are tapping for can be with you or far away. It does not matter. You can tap for them using your own body. So you use your body as a surrogate for their body.

This way of tapping is useful if the intended recipient is too far away and cannot engage with you physically, such as in-person or in-attendance but not in-person (as in over the phone or Internet), if they are a baby or an animal that cannot sit still or you are not sure where on their body to tap, and it has been used successfully in cases where the person's body is too much out of balance for both an in-person or in-attendance session (such as in the case of schizophrenia or psychosis, where the psychiatrist said that in-person or in-attendance sessions were contra-indicated, or a third-degree burns client who cannot be touched, etc). Nobody knows quite how it works, but this way of doing EFT is not only extra-gentle, but I have had personal client experience with feedback that it has worked. One day science will find a reasonable explanation, but for now, with funding almost non-existent, I am happy to accept that it does indeed seem to work.

First of all, make sure that you are abiding by the legal and ethical rules. For example, in some countries/states, there may be a law restricting any animal healing. So it is best to check the animal healing laws for the country/state that you are sending this surrogate energy to. Secondly, I would ask the person or their carer/parent for permission. This is the subject of much debate. For example, Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, does not see this as a problem, whereas in many energy modalities, permission is ethically necessary. You can think about it and make your own mind up.

So, how do you actually do it? This is very simple.

We start by saying thanks for the opportunity to send this energy, and by protecting ourselves psychically. The simplest form of psychic protection is to imagine you are surrounded by a brilliant white light that burns away anything unwanted and only lets in the good. Then you ask that your body is used as a substitute for the person/animal's and then tap as if you are them. You become a vessel for healing and healing and the words come through you and not from you. Let us say you are tapping for Rover's fear of other dogs. The following is an example of a classical EFT Setup and Reminder you can say.

Setup: "I say thanks, ask for protection, and am ready to be the vessel for Rover's healing. I deeply love and accept myself."

Reminder: "I say thanks, ask for protection, and am ready to be the vessel for Rover's healing."

Setup: "Even though I have this fear of big dogs, I'm a good dog anyway."

Reminder: "This fear of big dogs."

Repeat the above latter Setup and Reminder over and over again until you feel a shift. More experienced tappers can then get further intuition on incidents and aspects and tap on those, of course. If that is not what happens with you, that is OK. Just repeating the statements over and over again for say, 20 minutes, can be very helpful.

Afterwards, we end the session. We say thanks again, and go back to being fully ourselves and no longer the vessel for Rover's healing. And example using classical EFT is as follows. Substitute your own name where it says [my name]

Setup: "I give thanks, I now break this link with Rover, and I am now fully back in my body and soul, in every way as [my name]. I deeply love and accept myself."

Reminder: "I give thanks, I now break this link with Rover, and I am now fully back in my body and soul, in every way as [my name]"

I hope this helps, and wishing you health and happiness on your learning journey.




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