How To Handle Excessive Crying In An EFT Session

Gently and Safely - Some New Pointers Fopr EFT Practitioners

By Suzanne Zacharia

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If your client cries for a long time, shakes, or quivers during an EFT session release, this is how I deal with it. I hope this helps give you a guide that you can work with.

I am using "her" instead of "they" for a change. However, this in my experience happens just as often with men as it does with women. I attract very sensitive people, and so I hope this helps from my experience. Get her to lie down as you tap on her. Start gently, by just tapping on all the points as she vents and cries. Keep giving her tissues, let her cry. Give her extra time in the session, not just a one-hour session. If she is an online or phone client, just instruct her to tap continuously on all the points, no need for words, whilst she cries. Reassure her she is in a safe place where it is safe to cry. The crying will stop. Just take the words out and give her a safe place to let go and be supported. After say, about 20 sessions, she will be ready for more structured yet extremely gentle sessions. Step by step. Give it time.

The reason for having her lie down is to relax her body. When we sit up, our muscles are not as relaxed as when we are lying down. A massage bed or a couch of some sort or even sitting her down on a chair and lifting her legs up on an opposite chair can help. If she wants to sit up, respect that.

The way to tap is to use tapping points that are non-intrusive. They also have to be respectful of her tears. If she is on her back, her tears will be flowing either side of her eyes, towards the ears, so you have to miss the Side of the Eye point. If she has a tissue in her right hand, keep observing her right hand and arm; when you see them raise towards her eyes or nose to dry her eyes or blow her nose, do not tap on the right side, just on the left. This is not a problem when you are doing EFT online or by phone. Then you can simply say something like "Don't worry, just tap with one hand on any convenient points while you dry her eyes and blow your nose with the other hand." If in her back, make sure her back is well supported and she has some pillows or cushions under her knees. If she is most comfortable on her side, let her lie on her side and provide her with enough pillows or cushions to protect her neck. On the side and on a chair, you can also tap on the sides of the back, either side of the spine. She may also want to be covered, as this release and consequent relaxation can make the client feel chilly.

Tap on yourself if the client is tapping on herself. This way, you will calm down and be able to control the situation in a safe and caring manner more easily. If tapping directly on the client, please make sure you observe any country/state laws about touching clients, and ask God/the Universe to allow you to tap on the client for your distress watching this happen as well. You will find that it is best to tap on easy points, like the Top of the Head, Eye Brow, Third Eye, Finger Points, Gamut Point, Ankle Point (not for pregnant women), Karate Chop. Regularly raising the clients' arm to reach the Under Arm point can be intrusive or threatening. If you can easily reach the Collarbone point, by all means this is a good one. The Under Eye, Nose, and Chin may feel intrusive as someone quivers in that area as they sob. Remember, ant quivering and shaking is a release of the freeze response. This is when part of us is frozen in time, space, energy, whatever dimension we cannot as yet fully understand. The quivering, crying, and shaking may seem extreme, but if that is the way this client releases, let it be.

Let it be and let it go, with peace and loving intention.





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