EFT For Insomnia - The Most Common Mistakes

Common mistakes and their solutions, tapping for better sleep

By Suzanne Zacharia

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Insomnia can be exhausting. Sleep is something that most of us take for granted. And yet, when we cannot sleep, this can have consequences on everything in our lives, from our performance at work to our health, and even our weight. Insomniacs typically try everything first then find out about EFT, and then for some it works a charm. For others, it does not seem to work. Here is a list of the most common tapping mistakes.

First of all, it is always good to rule out, and if necessary deal with, any physical cause. For example, someone could have an over-active thyroid, they could have pyluria (a recently recognized condition), they may have what used to be called ADHD, they may have a myriad of medical conditions where a simple medical intervention or just supplementation or a change in diet could help.

Secondly, in using EFT, sometimes people only tap on the general issue of sleep. Whilst this often gets great results, it is usually too general. With EFT, whatever variety of it you use, it is best to get specific with what we wish to release. Whilst lack of sleep may seem like a specific issue, it usually is not, and by getting more specific, we can improve results. Getting more specific can be done in two simple ways.

The first way is to do some detective work and ask yourself what keeps you up at night. For some, it is a fear of nightmares. For others, it is worry about work or money or loved one. Or perhaps there were times in the past where it was not safe to sleep. Some people even say that when they are in bed at night, they see ghosts. All of the above are tappable issues, so you can find peace with the issue. Nightmares, for example, are a perfect gift from the subconscious mind. You can ask yourself for one nightmare that you can remember. Do not worry, you do not have to remember it in detail. All you need is to connect to the energy of that nightmare and bring it to the surface whilst you do EFT to release the nightmare completely from your energy system. This may take one session, it may take a few sessions, or it may take months, but you can work on each nightmare that comes up for healing, one by one, till the effect generalises over all of them. In fact, you may find that the nightmares lead you to a root cause or some root causes that you were never aware of before. Then you can release those, one by one, again, until the effect generalises over all of them. It is best to work with an experienced and gentle practitioner, and if money is an object, you can find a good practitioner with a sliding scale. It does not hurt to ask in any case.

The second way is to do EFT during the actual times that you are unable to go to sleep or return to sleep. This is where many people make the mistake of forcing themselves to sit up and to do EFT as they perceive it is to be done properly, thus awakening their body. Muscles in the head, neck, arms, back, and even legs are then actively engaged, and the body is forced from a state of almost-relaxation into an active wide-awake state. And when the body is wide awake, it can be difficult to relax the mind. It is best to remain lying down in bed and simply tap on easy-to-reach points or practice any short-cut of the form of EFT that you have been taught, a form that can leave your body in a less awake state rather than sitting bolt upright and "doing EFT properly". For example, users of Classical EFT can tap on or rub the Karate Chop or whatever points they can easily reach, as they mentally say what is on their mind, such as "oh, no, it's 4 am already and I have to wake up at 6", users of Positive EFT can tap on or hold the Third Eye point and breathe as they think of "allowing sleep", and so on. These are just a few examples, but I think you get the point (no pun intended).

Wishing you health and peace always.


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