A Comparison of Optimal EFT to Seichem Reiki

By London EFT and Reiki Master Who Loves Both

By Suzanne Zacharia

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When I first heard of Optimal EFT, I was amazed by what I had been missing all those years of doing Reiki. It is such a simple refinement, and although not always suitable, it is a real gem in most cases where a client wants a punchier Reiki or Spiritual Healing session. Since I have been trained in Seichem Reiki (what is sometimes called Reiki and Seichem or Tera-Mai Reiki), this is the basis upon which I have chosen to make the comparison.

With most Reiki and certainly with Spiritual Healing, you are not to direct the energy at anything specific. You allow healing for the Highest Good to go wherever it is most needed. You can intend that this energy goes to a specific issue, but that is as far as you go. With optimal EFT, you direct the energy very specifically at the exact issue. Being general is a no-no. For example, if the issue is knee pain, you get really specific about where in the knee the pain is, and you rate the level of discomfort from 10-0, 10 being the worst and 0 being neutral. You keep going until you get a zero. If the issue is your mother, you get really specific and find an incident, an actual separate event that happened, for example "when I was 4 years old and my mother threw my book away". Again, you rate the level of distress from that memory from 10-0, 10 being the worst and 0 being neutral. You keep going until you get a zero.

With Reiki, we invite the Reiki energy to do the healing. With Optimal EFT, this is called "The Unseen Therapist".

With Seichem Reiki, any resistance to the healing by the client is released by literally picking up the energy block with your hands and throwing it into the violet flame. The use of symbols is used to release any resistance or preconceived ideas by the healer. With Optimal EFT, this is released by negotiating with "The Guard at The Gate" to open up the gate to healing.

What a delightful simple expansion of Tapping and hands-on or distant healing!

I invite you to try Optimal EFT, especially if you already are a Reiki or Spiritual Healer. Yes, there is a need to be an observer and let the Reiki go undirected to where it is most needed. But there is also a great need for directing the energy with knowledge of how to do EFT. This combination is dynamite, in my opinion. You can find full instructions at the founders' site (Gary Craig) currently offered for free starting here: http://optimal-eft.emofree.com/intro-to-lessons


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