The Perfect Body Image For Self-Confidence

EFTTapping For Attraction and Attractiveness

By Suzanne Zacharia

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What is the perfect body image? What should we really aspire to look like? Do women have to be the smallest size, or will a medium do? Do men have to be muscular everywhere? Do we have to fit into skinny jeans? Do men have to wear tight trousers when in fashion? Do women have to wear make-up every day? What is the right look?More to the point, do you find yourself sometimes ashamed because you don't look quite like those in magazines and on TV? Do you hide behind make-up (for women) or big muscles (for men)? If not, would that make you feel lesser than others? If so, read on.

Let us look at your face and body from an energy perspective. When there is an energy block anywhere, your energy does not flow properly. If these energy blocks are connected to incidents or aspects related to self-confidence, then it may well be that what we look like to the world takes on such an importance that it can spoil our lives. Now, I am not saying you should let yourself go and not care about your self-image. What I am trying to say is let us find a balanced feeling inside, let us get a better energy flow, and then you can look your best. Not only that, you can feel that you look your best too. Even better, when you look and feel your best, the energy you radiate and the energy you attract from others can be the best, too. Your self-esteem can grow, and you can attract people to you with more ease.

So, if you want to use EFT on this issue, how do you proceed?

First of all, remember that the more ashamed we feel about how we look, the more likely we are to get into bad habits that do not necessarily help either our appearance in the long-term nor our self-confidence. So tapping on shame, guilt, and feeling lesser than others in the following situations can help you.

What you see on television and in magazines regarding to the perfect body image is the perfect tapping example. For instance, comparing yourself against the photo-shopped and perfectly shot magazine images can lead to a poor self-image, which is fuel to the fire of a low self-confidence, which is fire to the fuel of a poor self-image, and so on and on in a vicious cycle. Let us break that cycle. Choose one person at a time that you feel ashamed when you compare yourself to them, and tap on it until you feel that shame go. Remember, shame can only get in the way of your best look and your increased confidence. So it makes sense to let it go. Tap on this for as long as you have to, for example, one hour 3 times a week for 6 weeks.

Next Tap on how you feel about yourself. If you genuinely are too fat or too thin according to BMI figures or height-weight charts, you can work with a professional or make a plan to healthily reach your target look, or as near to it as is healthy for you. Otherwise, those little imperfections that we all have are just things that make us stand out from the crowd, and in a good way. Look at J-Lo, and how her big behind became her looks' biggest asset (pun fully intended), or Tom Cruise, who is shorter than most male actors and looks so great, women swoon over him. So tap on liking your imperfections. Again, this may take time, so give yourself something like one hour 3 times a week for 6 weeks, and see how you feel.

You will find that people are much more likely to become and stay friends with you if you exude an attractive energy, regardless of actual looks anyway. But, still like all of us, I am sure you strive to look your best, only in an easy-going healthy way. When our energy is open to attraction, we become attractive. And we become more self-confident. This motivates us to feel and be attractive. And that in turn improves our self-image and self-esteem.

If EFT is new to you, you can learn it in workshops, book a session whether online or in-person with a trained practitioner that you resonate with, or, if that feels too much, maybe you can start with an online course or free online eBooks and videos, such as on many practitioners' sites and on YouTube. EFT is a mixture of stimulating special acupressure points whilst saying releasing statements. It is very popular, because even if you cannot afford many practitioner sessions, for example, once you have learned the technique, you can use it for yourself. It can empower you. If you have schizophrenia or psychosis, you may prefer a gentler method to most forms of EFT, such as Reiki, Spiritual Healing, or Gary Craig's (the founder) new Optimal EFT. As with any alternative or beauty therapy, you are advised to consult with your medical practitioner first. And if you already a tapper, then great, I hope this article helps you or someone you care for!



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