Past Life Regression

A Case Study in Root Causes of Dis-ease

By Suzanne Zacharia

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When people ask me why I like using EFT, I say because it's effective, and because I can use it on everything and with everything.

One (albeit unusual) way to access and release an energy disruption is with Past Life Regression (PLR) combined with EFT.  To my thinking, whatever one's beliefs, stuck energy is stuck energy, however we access it; and EFT corrects stuck energy.  

Kathryn wanted to do a PLR to find core issues behind having been sick for 21 years.  She reported feeling fatigued all the time.  

We did the tapping using the usual EFT shortcut points, and the session was conducted over the phone.

We started the session with a hypnotic relaxation, going to a place in nature where Kathryn felt comfortable. I then asked her to surround herself by a white light protecting her as she travelled backwards in time, to happy times, indifferent times, to birth, and to beyond. I then instructed her to arrive at an incident her unconscious mind can bring forward for healing, then come back with it to the present time. When Kathryn came out of trance, she had with her an event of a medicine woman dying. She was sitting with her clan in a cave, there was smoke, she felt fatigued and couldn't breathe.

On a scale of 10-0, it was a 10. So we tapped:
“Even though I have fatigue and can't breathe ...”
I asked her where she felt it, she said in her chest. So we tapped:
“Even though I feel it in my chest...”
Then the SUDS came down to 0. So I asked Kathryn to close her eyes and vividly imagine the scene, the smells, and the sounds. The SUDS went up to 6.  We tapped and brought it down to 5, at which point she reported feeling it in her back, so we tapped:
“Even though I feel it in my back...”
The SUDS stayed at 5 but the location shifted to the chest on the left, and Kathryn kept saying she couldn't breathe, so we tapped:
“Even though I feel it in my chest on the left...”
“Even though I can't breathe, there's so much smoke...”
We chased the pain to under the left breast, then on the left in the chest, then the left arm, and I had an intuition. I said that maybe she was having a heart attack which was causing her not to breathe and the people did not know she couldn't breathe, because they could breathe with the smoke. This really hit home, and we tapped something like:
“Even though I'm dying and they don't know, they can't help me...”
Then Kathryn said:
“When I first got sick no-one believed me”.
So we tapped something like:
“I thank my unconscious mind for bringing this memory for healing, the Medicine Woman just wants to be heard, unable to speak for herself. Even though no-one could help me then, I now choose to get better.”
Kathryn felt good at this point (SUDS about a zero), and we concluded the session.

The next day, Kathryn emailed me the following.

“Yesterday after the treatment, I felt increased energy. I thought I might be sleepy or tired, but I was not. Today, I have felt more energy, clearer thinking (able to multi-task), feel very calm and relaxed, walked 2 miles with my husband (first time in 6 months that I have felt like walking), and I am not exhausted from the walk. I think maybe the most important thing is I am not thinking about my health. Normally, I am always thinking about why did I sneeze, what did I eat to make me feel bad, what I can not do because of my health. I do not feel like that today. When my husband said 'Do you want to take a walk' I surprised him and said "yes". I didn't say 'There's too much wind, it's too dusty, ti's too hot, or I'm too tired'. I just said 'yes'. I do not seem to be worried that I am going to be symptomatic or sick. This is great!!!! I think one of the core issues that you mentioned was 'The Medicine Woman just wanted her story to be heard' and my getting ill 21 years ago had a lot of the same emotional issues behind it. This rings true to me. Today, I do not feel like I am carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. My husband has definitely notice a difference in me, and he wanted me to thank you for him.”


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Author's Bio:

© Suzanne Zacharia 2010.  My name is Suzanne Zacharia and I am committed to spreading the word about health options. I believe that the more and better options one has, the more choice there is.  

A virus caught along with 5 other students at university at the end of 1986, plus medical negligence, meant that I got smokers lung at a relatively young age.  In desperation for help with my symptoms and quality of life, I turned to complementary therapy, and I have outlived one doctor's prognosis by many years now.

I am now a complementary therapist, author and trainer specializing in energy healing.  Want to use this article?  You can, as long as you credit me with it and invite your readers to get my FREE EFT book "EFT How-To For You" at http://www.EFT-Scripts.com


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