The Jumping Numbers

Using EFT in School to Reduce Learning Disability Issues

By Monica Johnson, M.Ed., EFT-ADV

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I work in an elementary school and have been using EFT with students and staff for the last 5 years.  While using it on students with LD issues this year, I have come across a most interesting issue that most LD educators do not focus upon.  It is that the students have told me that their letters or numbers have a strange appearance to them.  Some have said that the forms are jumping or wiggling.  Others have said that there is a funny shadow around the forms.  Previously, I had heard about using a blue celephane sheet over the page to help with this. 

So here are the stories of two of the children.  The first is about a 5th grade boy who has been the 'cootie' scapegoat of his class.  He was labeled this for a couple of reasons; one being that he would do just about any strange thing to get out of math.  While working with him there were two situations that we focused on.  The first one was if and when he remembered the first time that he was aware of his difficulty reading.  He said that it was in 1st grade when he heard the kids giggling about it.  So we tapped on this issue until he was close to zero.  After that he said that he had more of a problem with math than reading.  I wrote a problem on the board and asked him what he saw.  That's when he told me that he had a hard time focusing because the numbers were jumping and wiggly.  We tapped on the jumping and wiggles for about 10 minutes, using phrases like:  Even though the numbers are jumping and I cannot tell what they are, I'm still a great kid.  Finally, he said that the numbers were looking clearer.  I asked him to do the problem, but he had great difficulty because he had years of avoidance behaviors.  However, within the next few days I kept hearing teachers talk about how calm he was and that he was working very hard in math.

The second child is a 2nd grade girl who has always struggled, and we have been afraid that she will be giving up soon if we cannot find a way to help her.  This child also has many personal issues outside of school.  Due to feeling successful with the previous student, I began asking many children if the letters and numbers are moving in any way.  She told me that there was a shadow around the letters.  I asked her to read to me  for a couple of sentences.  She really struggled to complete this.  Then we tapped for a few rounds regarding the shadows, maybe for 4-5 minutes.  The kids always look more relaxed when we add the 'and I'm still a great kid' part.  So then I asked her to read a few sentences again.  This time she read a paragraph and appeared much calmer.  However, the big surprise for me was when she asked if she could write on the board.  She took about 10 minutes to write a wonderful 'thank you' letter to me.  Of course, the words were misspelled, but her thought process was smooth and calm.  Afterwards, she read it to me and verbally thanked me saying that she felt really good.

I had contacted a woman who works with students in Mexico, asking if she has had any similar situations.  She said that she, too, has had these situations.  We both have thought that we should keep records of these for future work.

If anyone else has had similar situations, I would be happy to hear from you.



Author's Bio:

Monica Broadfoot Johnson, M.Ed., EFT-ADV has been a school counselor since 1989.  However in the past 5 years, when using EFT there has been a significantly higher release of trauma when working with children and adults.

She has also worked with students in sports using EFT, developed a CD for teachers to use in the classroom for test anxiety, and has written a light hearted health book named 'Go Figure!!! Getting in Shape and Getting Healthy Nutritionally, Physically and Emotionally".  It can be found on www.Amazon.com.

She enjoys giving workshops on weight control, pain management and general self improvement.  There will be an educator support tele-class in the near future.


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