Getting EFT/MTT Accepted in Groups

By Pamela Bruner

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When I address groups, I’m always looking for ways to open people’s minds to the possibility of EFT before I actually demonstrate it. Here are two useful stories that I use in my talks that have been effective in getting people to accept the idea of EFT before they see it in action.

With both of them, I’ll explain briefly about the energy in our bodies, and the idea that if the energy is disrupted, it results in physical pain or negative emotion. At this point, many people are a bit skeptical.

This is where I’ll use one of the following stories:

“Now, I know this may seem a bit hard to accept. But let me ask you something – how many of you have ever read a Sherlock Holmes mystery? It always makes me laugh when I’m reading one of those and they say ‘Well, yes, there is blood here on the staircase, but we don’t know whose blood it is. We have no way to tell one person’s blood from another person’s.’ And 100 years ago, that was true! But today we have the technology to tell not only your blood type, but your individual DNA.

I imagine that 100 years from now, you might walk into a doctor’s office, and they might put you in front of a machine and say ‘Oh, look – your energy is disrupted. We just need to straighten it out.’ Because technology will then enable us to see what we can’t see now. But just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean that we can’t affect it.”

Here’s another story, which works even better with medically-oriented groups (usually a tough crowd):

“I know that this may seem a bit hard to swallow – after all, where’s the evidence? Let me ask you – how many of you have heard of Ignaz Semmelweis? Some of you have.

In the 1800’s he claimed that there were these tiny germs that no one could see that caused disease, and he was ridiculed for suggesting that surgeons should wash their hands after working in the morgue before entering the hospital to deliver babies.

When his doctors starting washing their hands, the death rate dropped from 30% to less than 2%. Now of course we know that he was right, because technology enables us to see germs. So the only question is – When will technology allow us to see these energy fields that the Chinese have been talking about and working with for 5000 years?”

The thing that I like about the second story is that it makes EFT seem as sensible as washing your hands! Now the group is ready for the demonstration.

Use these stories, or create your own. They can go a long way in helping your EFT presentation be successful.


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Author's Bio:

Pamela Bruner is a business success coach and a meridian tapping expert. She is the creator of the ‘Business Success Breakthrough Program’ which combines practical business-building advice for entrepreneurs with meridian tapping techniques such as EFT. Pamela is also the co-author of the book ‘EFT and Beyond – Cutting Edge Techniques for Personal Transformation’.
http://www.MakeYourSuccessEasy.com, http://www.BSBProgram.com




Vicki Kron
Posted May 07, 2010 07:16 PM


Thank you for two great ideas explaining EFT/MTT to groups. Both of these ideas will really help to dispel the "Woo Woo" factor attached to energy therapy. Now you've got me searching for a few of my own practical explanations. It's exciting to learn new methods for comparing past practices that were thought to be bizarre when first presented, but now are universally accepted as brilliant. EFT/MTT is brilliant. Now my clients have a bridge to more easily understand and believe in it also.

Vicki Kron
Success Coach & EFT Practitioner


Lynne Morrell
Posted May 20, 2010 05:05 PM

Hi there Pamela~ Great ideas :) I love using stories to clarify things...your stories work great! I am going to pass this along to some other practitioners that I know.

Lynne Morrell
EFT Practitioner and Personal Life Coach


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