Crystals in My Ear!

By Christine Metawati CCHT, RMT,EFT-ADV, EFTCert-I

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I want to share with you how EFT helped a client deal with her physical issue.
Lily (not her real name) contacted me and was wondering if EFT could help her heal a physical condition she has been dealing with. It was called BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo) and started 5 and a half years ago. It made her feel “sea sick” even when she was on land. She would feel dizzy even just getting up from her couch.

We had worked before on a sciatica issue and she was delighted at how EFT helped her take care of it. She had also successfully used EFT on her own to help with her acid reflux, tapping along while borrowing benefit with an EFT DVD at home.

We arranged for an EFT phone session. In the beginning of the session, I asked Lily what would happen if she were “healed” from this condition. Her answer was that she would have no more excuses for the things that didn’t work in her life. She also thought that it would mean that she could work harder in building her on-line business if she was not so dizzy.

Because our ears house our balancing mechanisms, I wondered if there were some fears about being balanced on an emotional, mental or even spiritual level. I asked her to consider what the downsides of being in balance could be.

At first, it was challenging to even think that there was a downside. She saw that she would be eating properly, exercising and having money coming into her life if she were balanced. She said, “I want to show these people that I can do it, that I am capable doing what I say I would. My parents were disapproving of how I am doing my life.”

Curious, I asked whether she felt anything in her body as she shared that thought with me. She mentioned that she felt some tension at the base of her skull as well as pain in her right hip and on her back.

“I don’t know how to handle being important,” she said, and added as an afterthought, “I want to be an expert in what I do.”

To get the edge off her increasing emotional intensity and new physical discomforts, we started tapping rather globally on feeling dizzy, fear of being in balanced, not knowing how to handle being important, the desire and pressure to be an expert, as well as her parents disapproving of how she was living her life. She reported feeling lighter and better after these rounds.

I asked her to test whether our global tapping had any effect on her symptoms and she noticed that she was still having the dizzy spell when getting up from the couch. She said, “It can’t be gotten rid off with EFT. I’ve got crystals in my ear!”

So, we tapped on: “Even though this can’t be gotten rid off with EFT, and there are crystals in my ear, I allow myself to receive healing easily and safely.

After a couple rounds of that, Lily decided to switch topic. She brought up the concern she was feeling toward her current business situation. She had been working long and hard trying to get a new project off the ground. A part of her was worried that she would work long and hard forever, and that just wouldn’t do! We tapped on this, too, and brought the fear intensity down from a 5 to a 0.

But we weren’t out of the woods yet; another new aspect showed up! She was fearful of making certain decisions involving her new business venture. Intellectually, she knew that no decision would be bad. “None are a wrong decision, so I can just pick one and go!” But she couldn’t.

I asked what she thought was the worst decision she had ever made in her life? She talked about her decision to get married. There was an incredible sadness she had been holding about it (a SUDS level of 9) as well as anger at both herself and ex-husband for not being mature, for not making it work, for the time loss, and so on. We tapped on both the sadness and anger until her intensity went down to 0, at least on the sadness.

She went on to explain how she went ahead with the marriage because she so wanted to be married, despite sensing at some level that it was not the right thing to do. She felt hugely embarrassed by the people who came to her wedding and gave her gifts; she wanted to return the gifts, but they said no. We tapped on the embarrassment.

Then she said, “I am a pain in the neck, because I don’t listen to my own guidance!”

So, we tapped on her being a pain in the neck and how she had ignored her own guidance about marriage, and perhaps even other times in her life. As we tapped, we played with the possibility that her ear condition was trying to tell her to pay attention to her own guidance.

After tapping several rounds on this topic and addressing various aspects that came up connected to it, Lily said that her neck and headache felt better. She reported feeling a lot happier and lighter.

I asked her to test how she would feel getting up from the couch. She said that she still felt the dizziness. We agreed to end the session there even though her symptom didn’t change much. She was feeling better in other ways.

Two months after our phone session, I received this sweet email from Lily:

“I'm long overdue an email to you.  While EFT did not seem to help my ears the day we worked together, my recovery was very speedy after that.  When I saw the doctor, he said that I was getting better on my own and there was nothing he could do for me.  Just a couple of weeks after that I realized I felt just fine, and I've felt fine ever since.  So as far as I'm concerned, EFT hastened my recovery, and that's a good thing.”

It was such a pleasure to receive her email and find out how she continued to feel better long after our one EFT session ended. I love that Lily attributes her speedy recovery to EFT. Yes, EFT is a good thing!


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Author's Bio:

Christine Metawati offers EFT with a spiritual bend. She believes that healing comes from within and that life challenges guide each person to align himself/herself with the best that she/he can be. Christine uses EFT to help clients improve their relationship with themselves, and reconnect with the amazing guidance and resources within them. Besides seeing clients in her Oakland office, she offers phone EFT sessions, teaches EFT workshops and hold teleclasses on various topics.

Specialties: Children's Issues, General EFT Practitioner, Self Image, Spiritual matters, Stress & Anxiety, Women's Issues




deborah hare
Posted July 17, 2010 07:55 PM

I was searching on the web trying to find help for the same problem that this person was talking about. I had a bad vertigo attack over a month ago and still have balance issues and dizziness. Like her I am working on a business by myself and need to be able to be successful. I found this article very informative. Thank you.


Dave Bryant
Posted August 08, 2011 09:40 PM

Hello Christine,

What a beautifully written article. Thank you for sharing the experience. I was particularly struck by the phrase "I allow myself to receive healing easily and safely. I'll be using it - thank you.

The very best to you and your daughter.

Dave Bryant


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