Love and Romance

Loveable Energy Shifts

By Suzanne Zacharia

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According to the Law of Attraction, our thoughts become our reality. We attract what we think.

And whether you are in a relationship or looking to be in one, you are lovable. Yes, you are. Everyone is lovable to someone. And you are lovable. And if you tell yourself that you are lovable, even if you don't 100% buy into the concept right now, then others will perceive you as lovable.

Hand-in-hand with being lovable is giving and receiving love. And if you think love and radiate love, you attract love.

And of course, love is great, but love on its own is not everything. A relationship needs security, excitement, calm, money, shared goals, respect, tolerance, and growth.

With this in mind, here are some positive affirmations you can simply tap, for you success in matters of the heart.

  • I am lovable
  • I give love unconditionally
  • I receive love unconditionally
  • I accept that others may have different opinions to mine
  • I attract abundance into my life
  • I allow excitement and joy into my life
  • I allow calm and peace into my life
  • I feel secure in my attractiveness
  • I feel secure in my lovability
  • I feel secure in my self
  • I am an interesting person
  • I am desirable
  • I enjoy listening to others' point of view
  • I am worthy of love
  • I am worthy of love in the eyes of God/The Universe
  • I am worthy of love in the eyes of all humanity
  • I am worthy of happiness
  • I am worthy of respect
  • I respect the man/woman in my life
  • I am grateful for all that I have
  • I am grateful for all that I share

Choose one affirmation a day, and tap it on the Karate Chop three once an hour throughout the day. If you can tap it on all the EFT points whenever possible, that is even better. You can do this every day for 15 minutes for a week, and see how you feel.


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Author's Bio:

© Suzanne Zacharia 2010.  My name is Suzanne Zacharia and I am committed to spreading the word about health options. I believe that the more and better options one has, the more choice there is. 

A virus caught along with 5 other students at university at the end of 1986, plus medical negligence, meant that I got smokers lung at a relatively young age.  In desperation for help with my symptoms and quality of life, I turned to complementary therapy, and I have outlived one doctor's prognosis by many years now.

I am now a complementary therapist, author and trainer specializing in energy healing.  Want to use this article?  You can, as long as you credit me with it and invite your readers to get my FREE e-book "EFT How-To For You" at http://www.EFT-Scripts.com


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