EFT for Child's Upset

Fear of Animals

By Dr. Kim Eisen, EFT-ADV, HHCP

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Children love animals normally, until something happens to make them think differently.  I had my great niece over and my older cat, who isn't used to children's noise and advancements, gave her a little scare when she went up to pet her; the cat slapped her with its' paw and she got scratched.  The child got so upset and I couldn't stop her from crying, so I asked her if we could try something to help her feel better and she said 'yes'.

I told her that she had magic buttons to make her feel better and asked her to say what I say and follow me where I tap and I was going to tap on her first so she would know what to do.  So, I started with Even though (pet) hit me, I'm still a good kid, 3 times while tapping the KC point.  

Then we did the Basic Recipe with the reminder phrase (pet) hit me.  No success.  Next, I tried, Even though I think (pet) doesn't like me, I'm still a good kid, and then the Basic recipe. No success.  Then, Even though (pet) is not used to little kids, I still love myself.  No success.

Hmmmm.  Then I tried, Even though (pet) hurt my feelings and I don't know why she did that to me, I'm still the greatest kid, ever, with the reminder phrase, (pet) hurt my feelings and I don't know why she would do that to me.  Bingo.  Done.  She's happy.  

Going through this again, I did notice my going after the event instead of the feeling was what held up the neutralization.

Often when this happens to a child, they are fearful of that same animal from that time on.  But, when she showed up two weeks later, she ran in asking where (pet) was and went right up to her and started petting her like nothing had ever happened.  And, thankfully the pet was on her best behavior.


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Dr. Kim Eisen is an experienced and intuitive Holistic Health Couselor & Practitioner; spiritual healer and Life Guidance Coach since 1999, using energy psychology tools to eliminate the limiting beliefs and emotional blocks a person has to moving forward. 

She offers private sessions via telephone or video IM worldwide and personal or video group/corporate sessions taylored to the groups venue.  For more information, go to www.DoEFT.com. Feel free to join the ongoing group teleseminar on a wide range of subjects at www.EFTteleseminars.com

Certified in EFT and MTT along with other energy modalities, she combines her own unique blend and the art of delivery to achieve the quickest results for her clients.  Most people have an area of their life that they would like to change or excel at.  Along with the Law of Attraction, we have to eliminate resistance to those things we want, which gives us clarity to make great decisions and manifest our desires.

Kim Eisen, HHCP, EFTCert-I, Ph.D, D.D.

Holistic Health Counselor
Intuitive and Experienced Certified EFT Practioner


(612) 802-HEAL (4325)


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