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The Basic Acceptance Phrase in EFT

Submitted on 06/11/2011 by Edith and Patrick Howell


Why Your Feng Shui Consultation Didn't Work

Submitted on 06/09/2011 by Pamela Powers


Did I Really Say THAT?

Connecting Our Words To Our Experiences
Submitted on 06/02/2011 by Anne Presuel


Busting The Beliefs That Limit Us:

Are You Safe? Do You Deserve? Is It Possible to Change?
Submitted on 05/26/2011 by Ruthi Backenroth


Was Your Birth Less Than Perfect?

Submitted on 05/09/2011 by Tamara Donn


Stop Smoking EFT Case Study

Releasing Childhood Trauma Top Priority
Submitted on 04/24/2011 by Suzanne Zacharia


When you feel you canít...Find Balance and how much You Can

SELF HELP for Clients and your SELF
Submitted on 04/21/2011 by Ranjana Appoo


Forgiveness Especially Self Forgiveness

Self Help for Clients and yourSELF
Submitted on 04/21/2011 by Ranjana Appoo


Make it Inspiring

Self Help for Clients and yourSELF
Submitted on 04/21/2011 by Ranjana Appoo


Keeping it Simple

Self Help for Clients and yourSELF
Submitted on 04/21/2011 by Ranjana Appoo


Why Forgive?

What's In It For Me? After someone has "done you wrong" and profoundly hurt you
Submitted on 04/21/2011 by Anne Presuel


Tapping For Procrastination About Tidying Piles Of Paperwork

EFT for a commonly proctrastinated task
Submitted on 04/12/2011 by Suzanne Zacharia


Chronic Migraines Relieved after 35 Years

Submitted on 04/11/2011 by Marian Mills


What's The Magic Word???

Submitted on 04/08/2011 by Pamela Powers


Tapping For An Addiction

Healing an addiction with EFT
Submitted on 04/04/2011 by Suzanne Zacharia


3 Lessons I Learned Playing Miniature Golf

Submitted on 03/31/2011 by Anne Presuel


Using EFT for Rehealing

Submitted on 03/29/2011 by Nancy Polites


EFT and the addictive mind

Solutions to aid working with those continuing to struggle with addiction
Submitted on 03/26/2011 by Helen Bressler


EFT, Weight and Body Image

Using EFT to address weight and body image issues
Submitted on 03/24/2011 by Helen Bressler


2 Tsunamis, EFT and Aloha

Using EFT in an emergency, plus the Hawaiian spirit of oneness
Submitted on 03/23/2011 by Helen Bressler


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— David Feinstein, PhD


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