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EFT For Insomnia - The Most Common Mistakes

Common mistakes and their solutions, tapping for better sleep
Submitted on 10/13/2015 by Suzanne Zacharia


EFT Statements To Use For Physical Pain

Tapping Using Classical EFT - Answers to some of your questions
Submitted on 10/11/2015 by Suzanne Zacharia


How To Handle Excessive Crying In An EFT Session

Gently and Safely - Some New Pointers Fopr EFT Practitioners
Submitted on 10/04/2015 by Suzanne Zacharia


Dealing With Difficult People

When you get accused of wrong-doing by the wrong-doer
Submitted on 10/01/2015 by Suzanne Zacharia


How To Do Surrogate EFT Tapping

Submitted on 09/24/2015 by Suzanne Zacharia


Self-Love EFT Tip - Let Us Start With Calm-Happy-Ish

Tapping Tip To Start You On Your Way
Submitted on 09/23/2015 by Suzanne Zacharia


What EFT Tapping Is and What It Is Not

Submitted on 09/22/2015 by Suzanne Zacharia


History Repeats Itself With EFT Qualifications

Submitted on 09/22/2015 by Suzanne Zacharia


The Passive Aggressive Partner

Submitted on 09/18/2015 by Suzanne Zacharia


Learn How To Love Yourself and Have Self-Esteem

Tapping EFT For Feeling Better About Yourself
Submitted on 08/29/2015 by Suzanne Zacharia


Why You Need To Tap Away Guilt and Shame About Bad Habits

EFT for relesing addictions - important explanation
Submitted on 04/29/2015 by Suzanne Zacharia


Acne That Reappears When People Say the Skin Is Clear

Submitted on 04/25/2015 by Suzanne Zacharia


How You can Commit To Lose Weight With EFT - Plus Two Tapping Examples.

EFT for Weight Loss - how it works and how to stick to it
Submitted on 01/19/2015 by Suzanne Zacharia


How Do I Stop Eating All These Goodies?

Submitted on 12/22/2014 by Suzanne Zacharia


Get More Self-Esteem - EFT Away This Self-Judgement

Tap away this self-criticism and feel more at ease with yourself
Submitted on 11/06/2014 by Suzanne Zacharia


Lose-Weight-EFT By Drinking More Water And Enjoying It

Submitted on 10/26/2014 by Suzanne Zacharia


Self-Confidence - EFT Holds Your Head Up High

Submitted on 10/18/2014 by Suzanne Zacharia


Delete Negative Self-Talk With EFT

Submitted on 10/17/2014 by Suzanne Zacharia


Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence For Survivors of Childhood Abuse

One Small Step at a Time
Submitted on 10/15/2014 by Suzanne Zacharia


Self-Confidence EFT Positive Tapping

Submitted on 10/07/2014 by Suzanne Zacharia


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EFT never ceases to amaze me! The process is gentle and often provides benefits where other methods fail.

— Dr. R. Vergini, MD

Your emotional health, your success in the world, and your level of joy can all be dramatically enhanced by shifting the energies that regulate them. That is the promise of the fascinating new field of Energy Psychology.

— David Feinstein, PhD


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