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EFT and the addictive mind

Solutions to aid working with those continuing to struggle with addiction
Submitted on 03/26/2011 by Helen Bressler


EFT, Weight and Body Image

Using EFT to address weight and body image issues
Submitted on 03/24/2011 by Helen Bressler


Resolving 'I'm Lazy' using stick men

a case study tapping for yourself
Submitted on 02/22/2011 by Karen Young


EFT For Tik Addiction In Cape Town - More Success

Submitted on 02/20/2011 by Suzanne Zacharia


10 Inner Beliefs That Block Your Wealth

Submitted on 01/13/2011 by Anne Presuel


The Unwanted Afterbirth: Depression

Postpartum Depression Responds to EFT
Submitted on 01/09/2011 by Dr. Rossanna Massey


Big Black Ghost of Prediction

Use of Metaphors
Submitted on 01/01/2011 by Puja Kanth Alfred


EFT For Car Accidents

Physical, Emotional, Visual and Somatic Aspects
Submitted on 12/17/2010 by Ruthi Backenroth


Tik Addiction Treatment - Yasmin´s First EFT Session

Freedom from crystal meth, or tik, as it is known in Cape Town
Submitted on 12/04/2010 by Suzanne Zacharia


The Colour of Tapping

The Effect of EFT on Auras
Submitted on 11/26/2010 by Elsa Wiens


Money Problems Resolved

Submitted on 10/15/2010 by Pamela Powers


Using EFT to Clearing a Language Barrier

Speaking her Heart and Soul
Submitted on 07/28/2010 by JoAnn SkyWatcher


A third example of getting to a core issue.

Article 3 in a series of 3
Submitted on 07/14/2010 by Helen Bressler


A Second Example of Getting to Core Issues

Article 2 of a series of 3
Submitted on 07/14/2010 by Helen Bressler


Searching for core issues - asking the right questions

Article 1 of a series of 3
Submitted on 07/14/2010 by Helen Bressler


Stroke – One Session Wonder

Relieving the after effects of a stroke
Submitted on 06/29/2010 by Ruthi Backenroth


Emotional Healing Techniques : The Emotion Code & EFT Tapping

Removing Trapped Emotions & Stubborn Issues
Submitted on 06/07/2010 by Sandra Bradley


Reluctant Non-Smoker

Gave up smoking so easily
Submitted on 05/09/2010 by Rehana Webster


Santa Incident and Uncontrollable Blushing

Childhood conditioning
Submitted on 05/07/2010 by Rehana Webster


The 3-2-1 process

Untangling yourself from others
Submitted on 04/30/2010 by Roushan Martens


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EFT never ceases to amaze me! The process is gentle and often provides benefits where other methods fail.

— Dr. R. Vergini, MD

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— David Feinstein, PhD


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